DIY Christmas Wreath

This fall I made a wreath featured on Repeat Crafter Me’s Website!  Using this same inspiration I decided to make another wreath for Christmas.  I wanted something cute yet easy.  I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out!

You will need the following supplies:

16′ Styrofoam wreath (I found mine at Walmart)

1 roll of burlap (Joann Fabrics or Michaels)

1 sheet of red felt

1 sheet dark green felt

1 sheet dark cranberry red felt

Glue sticks

Festive ribbon
First start by wrapping the styrofoam wreath with the burlap.  I got too excited to make this and do not have a picture of this step.  I glue down where I start so that it doesn’t move as I’m working the burlap around the wreath.  Once I get all the way around I go over it a few more times and then glue it in place.  I glue the back of the wreath so it won’t be visible.  Once you are done your wreath will look like this.

Now you will want to make your flowers.  For this you take your red felt and cut 16 circles however large you want your flowers to be.  Once you have your circles you will start to cut into them to make them into spirals like this.

Next take your dark green felt and begin cutting leaves in whatever shape you like.  I tried to stick with more of your traditional Christmas holly leaf.  Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect!  I made 6 of these leaves.  They will look like this.

Now take your deep cranberry red felt and cut out 6 very small circles.  These will be your holly berries to go on the holly leaves!

Now we are ready to begin putting out flowers together.  Take one of the red swirls and hold the center part in your hand.  Slowly begin stacking it around itself gluing every here and there to keep it together.  It will start to look like this.  Keep pulling more of the swirl around the center gluing here and there.  Be careful not to glue your fingers!!  I did multiple times and it HURTS!  After the flower is complete I began gluing them onto my wreath as I went.

Once you have all of your flowers in place it’s now time to add the holly leaves and berries!!!  I chose to put 3 leaves with 3 berries on each side of the wreath.  Feel free to add berry garland that you can find at the craft store in place of these or anything else you want on your wreath. 

After adding my holly leaves and berries I added a Christmas Ribbon and BOOM it’s done!!

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Pouch

Today I worked on making my own cover/pouch for my Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  I searched the internet for a pattern, but there weren’t many to make one with a zipper.  I found hundreds for an Ipad case, but I have a Galaxy Tablet and it’s just slightly bigger.  I decided to take my own measurements and see how it turned out.  I think over the next few weeks I’ll continue working on it until I have it down to exactly how I want it.  Mine turned out slightly taller than it needed to be so I will definitely shrink it down a bit!  On Black Friday I went to JoAnn Fabrics and got some amazing flannel print fabrics for burp cloths, but couldn’t help myself and used one of them today!  For now here is the outcome of my adventure!!! 

Motorcycle Diaper Cake {DIY}

Over the last year I have had a few occasions where I have been asked to make a Motorcycle Diaper Cake for a baby shower gift.  I had alot of fun making them and thought I’d put together a tutorial on how to make one yourself.

You will need the following

1 pack of diapers

1 cake pan

2 receiving blankets

1 pair of baby socks

2 rubber bands


1 stuffed toy

2 newborn hats

1 baby bottle

1 baby link toy

Begin by first taking half of the diapers out of the package (about 17-18 diapers).  One by one begin layering them around the cake pan leaving a little bit of a gap between where one diaper ends and the next begins.  As you get closer to having them all inside the pan they will start to layer onto one another.

Next take a rubber band and put it around the diapers to hold them in place.

Repeat these steps to make your second wheel!

Remove from cake pan.

Now take your ribbon and place around the newly formed tires.  You can use a pin to secure in place, or safety pin on.

Now you will take 1 of your receiving blankets and fold it in half.  Continue folding until you have something that looks like this.

Continue folding until you have this much left.

Holds the wheels to the motorcycle together

This will be the part that keeps your wheels together.  Take one end and bring it through one tire until it is halfway through.  You will now have an equal amount of the receiving blanket sticking out each side of the wheel.

Bring each side back and tuck into the next wheel.  After tucking each end into the back tire you may choose to pin in place or use safety pin to keep it from coming out.  If you use pins, just be sure to tell the person receiving the gift that there are a few pins inside.

Now we will be making the handlebars to the motorcycle.

Take your second receiving blanket and fold in half and keep folding the same as the other blanket.

Take one end of the handlebar and string through the front wheel on your motorcycle.  Bring the two sides up together.

Place one of your hats on top of the front wheel.  Next place the bottle on top under the handlebar.  Now take 1 of the link toys to hold the handlebars in place.  It will all look something like this.  (I placed a baby washcloth around my bottle just to give it a little something more and add more color)

These are the hats I put on top of both wheel to give the bike cute seats!

Now take your baby bootie socks and place one on each end of blanket.  You now have handlebars for your motorcycle!

Place your stuffed animal on the bike and you’re done!!!

There are many variations that can be done with these.  You could use baby bibs or washcloths instead of the baby hats.  Be creative and have fun!

Here are some additional Motorcycle’s I’ve made

Good luck and I hope you have fun making your diaper cake.  Feel free to check out my Etsy shop for more items I’ve made and have for sale!