DIY Spring Wreath


After making my Christmas wreath I knew I couldn’t just go and buy a new wreath for Spring!  I went to Michael’s and found a wine branch wreath for $4.99 and some fun spring doo dads to put around the wreath!  I didn’t use any glue this time and was able to just wrap my items into the wreath.  SUPER EASY!  Took me a total of about 20 minutes!  IMG_1305

So I used the following:

1 wine branch wreath

2 doo dads that have cute little Easter eggs attached at the ends and the white stem is bendable.  I also left the yellow ribbon on them.

2 single sticks with an Easter egg at the end

Easter ribbonIMG_1308


First I took each of the two multi stems on each side of the wreath.  I twisted the back to make them stay in place.  I decided to keep the yellow ribbon on them stems because I thought it looked better with them on than off. IMG_1310


Next I put the two single eggs in the back and twisted the white ends up and bent them around a bit to make them stay put.




DONE!!!  You can use anything you find at the craft store to make your own so get creative and have fun!!!