DIBY The Duchess Blog Tour FREE Pattern

I was able to test the DIBY Club pattern for The Duchess skirt early to review and it is definitely a breathe of fresh air!  I’ve been looking for a maxi length skirt to make where I won’t feel so hot in the summer!  I am ALWAYS hot!  This skirt features a high low factor in the skirt to help air flow through and has a conservative or higher cut choice!  You can also choose maxi length or midi length.  For my skirt I chose the conservative cut but at a maxi skirt length.


For my fabric I used 3 yards of double brushed poly from So Sew English.  This fabric is so soft and amazing you never want to take it off.  I wasn’t sure how it would be as a long skirt and a little worried it could be too heavy, but it was perfect!  As you walk the air catches it and there is no way of getting hot in it or it feeling too heavy.


The Duchess pattern has an incredible size range it goes up to.  I made myself the 1+ and to be honest I think the 0+ would have fit great for me too.  I went based on my measurements and did not add any length.  I am 6’0 tall and was so happy to see this wasn’t too short for me after not adding length on the bottom!


I added the double yoga band on the top for extra belly coverage and for wiggle room to lower the skirt in case it did end up being too short.  Since it was perfect I just use it now as a tummy sucker inner!!  HAHAHA  After making the double yoga band I’ve also decided it would make an amazing maternity band for anyone who is pregnant.  Made in double brushed poly it has a lot of stretch to it so if I were pregnant I would have no problem still wearing this skirt with no alterations!


I really wish it had been a windy day to show off more of the movement of this skirt as you are moving and walking.  It captures the air around you and flows in a way to make you feel as though you are really wearing something to really take peoples breath away!


This skirt is something I can dress both up and down and wear to any occasion even if it’s just sitting on my front porch enjoying the sunshine!

I can’t wait to make more of these and try out the midi length as well!

Get yourself over to DIBY CLUB and download The Duchess today!!!

The Duchess Blog Tour Schedule

July 25th – Sewing With Sarah | Diskordia’s Curvy Sewing
July 26th – Kainara Stitches | Wonderfully Handmade
July 27th – Seams Sew Lo | Mermaid Mama Designs
July 28th – Swimming in a Sea of Estrogen | Cookie on The Loose
July 29th – On Wednesdays we Sew | The Crunchy Mommy

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